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Beachcombing on the Cape Whale Coast 

Explore this incredible coastline with a professional marine nature guide.
Discover the amazing animals and plants that exist in this pristine ecosystem.
 A rugged coast with a long fascinating history.

 Five trails to choose from, including the accredited Green Flag Perlemoen Trail.
From a mornings easy stroll to a 2/3/4 day slackpacking trail, linking the best walks in the area.
Trail from the tip of Africa to Walker bay Hermanus 

Why Take a guide ?

A professional guide can offer a rich depth to the events on your trail, lifting it from a pleasant visit into a lifetime memory.
Wilderness areas are easy to get lost in! Even coastal trails can be confusing leading to dead ends or uncomfortable terrain, your guide has taken the wrong trail, so you don’t have to! 
I will organise all aspects of your trail from accommodation, transport and meals (if fully catered) a hassle free enjoyable experience.
Enjoy a range of accommodation from luxury B&Bs to budget self catering, dine in local restaurants with warm Standveld hospitality, or relax around the braai enjoying our pristine star gazing while listening to the crashing waves.

Not an ordinary hiking trail

Cape claw-less otter My walks are tailored to my clients and designed to be in harmony with the natural environment and with minimal impact.

Group size is therefore kept small and overnight trails are limited to 2 a month on a first booked basis.

I am passionate about my continuing study in marine ecology this enthusiasm is often passed on to the people that join me on the trail. Let me share with you this amazing secret world as it unfolds before your eyes.

The more I discover the more I realise how much there is to learn! 

Sea spider
                        The yellow sea spider is not a true spider,but has similar characteristics, sometimes found hunting and feeding on prey with its pincer-like appendages (chelifers) they have four pairs of legs with claw-like ends used to hold on in strong currents, other slender ovigerous legs hang below the head which the male uses to carry fertilised eggs.  

About Myself

I am lead guide for the Perlemoen trail and I started guiding river rafting trips in 1994 for Felix Unite. I have crewed on luxury charter yachts in the Mediterranean, travelled extensively in Africa. I do volunteer environmental educational work for the Vision Foundation lecturing in some of the more remote destinations in Southern Africa.Sea Swallow

Nature guiding and studying our amazing inter-coastal marine environment and being able to work in this field has been a dream realized for me.

Join me in a world of discovery.

                The sea swallow is a nudibranch a sea slug that has lost its shell. They float on the surface tension of the ocean hunting blue bottles, the sea swallows defence against predators is to secret toxic chemicals reusing stinging cells derived from their own prey. Washed up by onshore winds along with many other pelagic species encountered.